Over a year in the making, we are excited to announce Nota is available to OTs everywhere.

This journey started because my partner, Jeff, told me his wife couldn't get through her OT paperwork during the day. Jeff has a fantastic wife and three beautiful kids, but she wasn't spending the time with them she wanted. She was seeing patients during the day and then doing her documentation at night.  This was cutting into everything; free time, family time, and even weekend time.  Where's the fun in that?

Of all the things which have changed since that first phone call, the goal has been the same, help OTs document better notes more efficiently to demonstrate measurable outcomes. If you’ve experienced any of the same things, we think you’ll like what we’ve built.

Now that it’s here, what is it?

  1. Nota is designed to simplify the lives of OTs trying to document and manage communications in a world of HIPAA and HITEC compliance. 
  2. Nota gives you a central location to keep patient profile information, manage goals, and track measurable progress through treatment and progress notes.
  3. If we've done our job well, Nota will let OTs focus on engaging with their patients, and spend less time documenting communications, taking treatment notes, building progress reports, and bringing new patients into their practice. 
  4. Nota may not be making an iphone-sized dent in the universe, but if we can make a few people smile every day, because it was a little easier to get their work done, that is a great start. 

We have put in a ton of work to get here, and we have a lot of work ahead. We’ve planned some really exciting things for the future of Nota, and we’re ready to keep building things for you. If you have a question, suggestion, complaint, compliment, or comment, please get in touch. Email me or Jeff directly.



We want to make sure we’re serving your needs and addressing the things which make working in your practice hard. The best way to do that is to stay directly in touch with you.

For helping get us this far, I want to extend our thanks to all of our beta testers, who helped us iron out the wrinkles. We’ll certainly find more, and we’ll work just as hard to get those fixed as we continue to enhance the application. Thanks also to Jaime Vines, who shot all of the amazing photos on our site, keeps us on track with her art direction, and created the logo which we love more than we knew we could.

We hope you enjoy Nota as much as we enjoyed making it. Start your free trial now, and please let us know what you think!

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