Automating the intake process

While building Nota, we talked to therapists working in many different settings. One of the things we learned is that many therapists spend more time than they would like with the process of gathering information and setting up the initial visit for patients. Whether it was a form downloaded from the internet, or a packet of information sent via mail to be completed and returned to the clinic, the process takes a few weeks and involves repetitive work.  Therapists told us these steps were simple for one patient, but add up over time. In addition, patient information collected on paper and kept in a patient folder or binder often left the practice at risk of violating compliance regulations. To top it off, printing up to 15 pages for the intake form ends up being costly for practices and not at all eco-friendly.

With Nota, we have simplified and automated the intake process. Here’s how it works.

  • Parent calls clinic to express interest in scheduling an initial evaluation.
  • Therapist gathers first name, last name, and email address, “Adds a Patient” to the practice in the Nota application and elects to “Send intake form”.
  • The parent receives an email with instructions to securely log into a patient portal and complete the intake form.
  • The parent completes the intake form at any time, on any mobile device.  Once completed, they click “Submit".
  • The therapist receives an email indicating the form has been completed, and they schedule the initial visit.
Send the intake form to the patient with four pieces of information and one click.

Send the intake form to the patient with four pieces of information and one click.

With this solution, we will save you both time and energy. With secure authentication into the patient portal, the information is secure as it flows to your practice.  You have nothing to worry about when it comes to compliance. We have you covered!  This also means that if a parent edits or updates this information at any time, you'll receive a notification and the information will automatically be updated in Nota.

On a final note, we are collecting this information in a database, which means we will have an opportunity to put it to good use.  One example of this is the way we present important information in the patient profile by displaying contact information and medical alerts. If you work in a multi-therapist practice and there's a change in the treating therapist, no worries, the important information remains visible at all times. 

We are very excited about the solution we’ve developed for occupational therapists.  This is one of many areas that we’ve worked really hard to give you back time in your day.  As always, please let us know what you think.  We’d love to hear from you.


Thank you Beta testers!