New Features: Goal Management, Progress Notes and Documentation Archives with Quick Search

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One of the benefits of using Nota is that we are working hard every day to make it better.  When new features and capabilities are ready, we simply release them into the product, and all of our customers get to use them right away.  No need to download, update anything, or buy the latest version.  That’s software as a service.  It’s that easy.

Today, we’re releasing several new features that couldn’t be more different, but we’re sure will be loved all the same.  The first breaks new ground for what you can achieve with Goal Management.  The second is the addition of the Progress Report to document and share updates with the patient or insurance companies, and the third will help you quickly find and reference historical treatment documentation. 

Goal Management

The Goal Management enhancement will allow therapists to quickly add and manage goals for their patients.  Goals will be added in an active state and will be displayed next to the treatment note for easy reference.

Active goals and objectives can be added to the treatment note quickly by clicking on the plus sign in the right column. 

Once the goal has been met, the status may be set to Achieved.  At that time, the system will capture the date the goal was met.

You can also print and share a Goal Summary with the patient or family at any time.  It will be a great way to engage and demonstrate areas of improvement as well as areas that may remain a focus in therapy.

The Progress Report

As we met with therapists and discussed their documentation needs, the Progress Report was a considerable pain point. We found many therapist spend A LOT of time simply gathering and organizing the information captured throughout the intervention period to create the report.  We knew there had to be a better, more efficient way to accomplish this task.  With Nota, our goal was to make this easy and let the system do the heavy lifting. 

To create a Progress Report,

  1. Define the dates for the report
  2. Review historical treatment notes
  3. Enter summary statements for the goals and objectives
  4. Print the report


Step 1: Define the dates:

The system will search the database and display all of the documentation entered for that period of time and organize the results for each goal and objective individually. 

From there, the therapist can quickly review the historical information (Step 2), and provide a summary statement for the goals in the report (Step 3).

Once completed, a PDF of the report can be printed and shared with families or insurance (Step 4).


The Treatment Note Archives and Quick Search

The third feature that we are releasing today is the Treatment Note Archives and Quick Search.  Let’s say you want to quickly find all treatment notes written for a patient last month or you want to find and reference all treatment notes in which you worked on "bilateral coordination" with a patient.  This latest enhancement will let you do just that.  We’ve built the capability to quickly search by date range and keywords so you can find your notes fast. 

Of course, we would love to hear what you think.  You can start using these features today – and leave us a comment here to share your thoughts.

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