New Feature: Goal Attainment Scaling


With the New Year already underway, we’re excited to bring an exciting new capability to Nota.

One of the topics creating buzz at the 2016 AOTA conference, was OTs looking for ways to quantitatively document client progress. Specifically, there was a lot of talk about a particular method of measuring progress, goal attainment scaling (GAS). 

Thomas Kiresuk and Robert Sherman developed goal attainment scaling in 1968, in response to the wide variety of evaluation models regarding mental illness and treatment. Since its introduction, GAS has been used for many different populations. With this interest from the OT community, we decided to see if we could build a tool to give therapists the ability to use goal attainment scaling to capture and measure progress. Now, many months and several iteration cycles later, we are excited to announce goal attainment scaling in Nota.  The framework allows therapists to create and prioritize goals with clients and families, and track measurable progress over time. 

Here’s how it works. To begin, therapists create scaled goals based on the current level of performance. You can print and review goals with the parents to validate the expected level of performance.   

Based on feedback from the client and family, you can rank the goals by their importance. To do this within Nota, simply grab the goal in the left column and drag it into your preferred order.

Once the goals have been created and ranked, the treating therapist will evaluate the client over a standard intervention period. At the end of a period, document in Nota by simply selecting the scaled goal in the right panel and adding it to the treatment note. This allows you to hold a follow up meeting with the parents to determine the child’s progress on the scaled goals.

If the scaled goals are rated more than once during the intervention period, a therapist can create a progress note to chart the changes over time.

If you are interested in testing out our goal attainment scaling capability, sign up for a Nota trial at If you’d like a personal tour and help getting started, we’d love to help. Email us at, and we’ll set up some time to talk live.

We are incredibly excited to provide this functionality to our users.  Please let us know what you think.  We would love to hear from you.

- Your friends at Nota

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