New Feature: Nota Calendar!

New Feature: Nota Calendar!

More than meets the eye. This is a good theme for the Nota Calendar, because it applies to us working on it and the things it lets us do for our customers. 

First and foremost, we're excited to announce Nota has a Calendar! It has been in the works for quite a while and we're just announcing it now because, even though the Calendar itself has been done, we've been building other capabilities on top of it. As a result is hasn't quite felt "done."

So what does it do? For Nota customers, it's a calendar which lets you schedule clients, invite people to the appointments, and link directly to treatment notes. For us, we have a lot of other capabilities to help you run your practice. I'll address these in a follow-up post.

Calendar tempalte.jpg

Customize the calendar

Therapists have built practices in many different ways. Some have a clinic, others see clients in the client's home, others do all of their work in groups, or outdoors. The variety is impressive. This means Nota customers have to be able to customize our platform to fit their own needs. Whatever you like to call your appointments, you can do it in Nota. 

Subscribing to the calendar

Many platforms go to great lengths to keep you logged in, posting, using it, spending time in it. That's not how we think. We want Nota to be a tool, which helps you get your work done and then move on. You can schedule appointments in Nota, but you can subscribe to a feed, which will let you see your Nota calendar on any device you choose, your phone, computer, iPad, whatever is your choice. You want to see your schedule, and we want you to do it on the device and calendar you like best. If you want to log into Nota, go for it! If you like another calendar app, that's what matters to us, so it works just as well.

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Linking to the treatment note

Our goal is to save therapists time. One of the ways we've used the calendar to save time, is carrying certain inputs from the calendar into the treatment note. After working with a client, instead of navigating to the client's profile and starting from scratch, you can link directly to the client from the calendar. When you make this jump, Nota will bring over the date, time and location information, so you can skip entering these fields and start writing your treatment note right away. These clicks all add up, and we want to take away as much of these friction points as possible. 

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Nota officially has a calendar. We hope you like it, we'd love to hear your feedback, and I'll describe some of the other capabilities we already used it to build in a follow-up

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