Starting your practice

It might have happened when you mapped out a client plan by yourself. Maybe you kept hearing the same things from different clients, which gave you an idea. It could have been after moving to a new area after leaving a previous job behind. Somewhere along the way, you decided to start your own practice. If you've made the decision to start something of your own, or are on your way there, this is for you. 

It's not an easy choice and it's not an easy path. We talk to therapists every week who are somewhere in the process of starting their own practice. The themes differ and the variety of ideas is impressive. What's consistent is a desire to start a new business by putting creative ideas to work and taking control of their financial future. A thread which closely follows the interest is the uncertainty of how to tactically make it happen. 

With so much interest from therapists looking to start a practice of their own, and a desire for some direction on how to get started, we'd like to help stimulate activity. We created a workbook to help therapists turn inspiration into action. It will help you think about what makes your practice different and attractive, deciding on a management strategy, choosing the right location, purchasing equipment, selecting software, making policIes and business operations. Because it's a workbook, it includes work spaces for writing your thoughts and ideas. Our intent is to provide a mechanism for channeling inspiration, and turning it into motivation and action. 

If the workbook is what you want, please download it. We're not requiring an email or registration everyone knows will be used for future spamming. As excited as we are about the workbook though, it's just the starting point. The race isn't over once the practice is started. If you're interested in participating in a community, sign up for the mailing list. We'll use this list only as a means to generate conversations around starting, growing, and running a small business. We will share what we hear from the community, and build more materials to help, about the challenges of growing a practice, how to promote your practice, the challenges of managing your practice once it's started, and any other topic which matter to the community.

If you'd like to get in touch and talk more, please connect anytime with us directly. We're excited to keep working with all of you.


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