New capability: Customizing your intake!

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First impressions matter. Whether meeting a new person, walking into a new store, or the first time using a new purchase. This also applies to clients interacting with a new therapy practice. What is the experience of a new client, completing intake paperwork to join your practice?

When the first therapists started using Nota several years ago, they helped us develop a simple way to add clients into their respective practices. They helped us design an intake form, and we built an automated process so clients could complete this process before coming to the practice. This let clients complete the intake questions at home, paperless, and the information went directly into a client's profile. Convenient for the clients, major time saver for the therapist!

Then Nota started to grow and the new practices were using different forms. They liked the automated process, but new therapists hadn't helped us build the form and they wanted to include other questions, or new questions, which weren't in the form. The ability to customize the intake form has easily been the most frequently requested improvement to Nota. This makes perfect sense, and today I'm happy to write that it is possible!

With this new capability of customizing the intake form, a practice owner can configure and manage as many intake forms as needed. Build an intake form for each specialty in your practice, create a separate form for different client age ranges, or separate forms for different diagnoses. Because the practices using Nota are so varied, we put the choice in the hands of the practice. Once you’ve built your intake form, the entire process is automated, end to end.

Within Nota, enter a name and email address, select the right intake form for the client, and tap send. The client will receive a notification and securely log into Nota's Client Portal to complete the form. Once it’s done, you’ll receive a notification the intake form is ready for your review. It’s that easy. If you need to send cancel, no show, or payment, policies, special procedures for your practice, or participation waivers, you can add attachments to the form.

No more printing paper, as clients can complete any questions, and read any attachments on their phone, tablet, or computer. If it would help to get a tour of how to configure intake forms, please get in touch. We'd love to help, answer any questions, and hear how we can make it any better. Send us a message at, and we'll look forward to hearing from you.

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USWNT repeat as World Cup champions!

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