Nota organizes your documentation, communications, and scheduling, so you have a central source of information.


"It honestly has been a game changer for my day to day life with work."

— Neeha Patel, The Sensory OT

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Instead of having stuff scattered all over the place — stuffed in binders on shelves or in unlocked drawers, lost in inboxes, or scrawled on stickies or notepads — Nota brings everything for your practice into one central spot. 

If it wasn't documented, it wasn't done.

Creating treatment notes has never been easier. Track goal progress with an easy interface, tag visits with the therapeutic areas addressed and enter CPT codes in seconds. 


Rather than writing notes and objectives separately, 

document directly against goals and objectives, to measure progress, report it quantitatively, and know when each objective is achieved. 


Instead of using someone else's template, 

customize your treatment note to the way your practice works. Quick entry, SOAP note, or Goal Attainment Scaling, it's your practice, so the notes fit the way you work.


Create invoices automatically

from the treatment notes you write, and save hours every week. 

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Instead of mixing personal and work calendars, 

Nota lets you see your day and week together, in once view. Send reminders to your clients automatically and check in clients in when you meet them. Is remembering to reschedule no-shows or cancellations a challenge? Nota will keep track of these, so clients don't slip through the cracks. 


Rather than searching though old notes, on paper or other files to find comments,

let us pull all the information you need. When it's time for a progress report, Nota shows you the information you wrote, when you wrote it, and tracks progress over time. You'll love how quickly you can write progress reports with Nota. 


Invite new clients to your practice automatically.

Forget mailing packages to new clients and waiting for them to show back up in the mail. Add clients with a click of a button and they can complete the intake through a secure input. We'll let you know when the information is ready.


Goal Attainment Scaling. 

Yes, Nota has Goal Attainment Scaling! If you are using Goal  Attainment Scaling in your practice, we have worked with leaders in the OT field to build this capability. Just like the qualitative treatment note, Goal Attainment Scaling in Nota is fast and let's you measure progress quantitatively.