Getting Started with NOTA

Starting documentation on a new platform can be daunting at first, so we've created these short videos to show you simple things you can do to get your practice up and running. The series will guide you through logging in, adding clients, writing goals and objectives, and configuring Nota to your preference. If you're new to Nota, bookmark this page for future reference while you build your practice.

Signing Into Nota


You can log into Nota from using the email address and password connected to your account. This video shows you how to sign in to Nota.


Adding Clients

To simplify bringing clients into your practice, Nota automates the client intake process. This video covers adding clients to your practice in Nota.


Adding Goals and Objectives

Once your client is added to Nota, you'll create Goals and Objectives for her plan. This video explains how to add goals and objectives to a client's profile.


Quick Notes

If you need a place to capture quick reminders, summarize a conversation with a parent, caregiver, teacher, or physician, Nota let's you record these notes. Watch this video to learn more about using Quick Notes.


Configure Treatment Notes

Every practice is different, so you can customize the treatment note to suit your needs. This video demonstrates which components can displayed or hidden, and how to create pre-populated text, to save time when documenting.


Write a treatment note


Once you've started seeing your client, you'll need to document the sessions. This video demonstrates how each element works in the treatment note.


Update Client Information

When a client moves, receives a new diagnosis, or experiences a new developmental milestone, it's important to record the change in Nota. This video shows where and how to record the new information.


Update practice information

If something changes with your practice, it's important to keep the information up to date. Watch this video to learn about updating and editing practice  information.


Every person in your practice will need a Nota profile. Sometime you may want to remove someone's permission from your practice. This guide covers how to add and remove profiles for team members.

Team administration